Our Fabric




Our modern fabric collection is made from new fabric sourced from small retailers, with an emphasis on businesses in Atlantic Canada. These unique finds allow us to make one-of-a-kind neckwear and accessories for formal occasions.


After years of period costume and wardrobe design for TV, Netflix and the film industry, we know a thing or two about vintage fabric. For those who want to add a retro look to their attire, our vintage collection will let you stand out in any crowd.


The Knottier believes that what we wear tells a story. All of our upcycled designs are made from locally sourced, previously loved garments. We promise to share the story of your fabric's previous life with you whenever we can. Handmade fashion has never been more environmentally friendly or sustainable.


Have something specific in mind? Get in touch with us for special requests, and we'll be happy to work with you to get the exact look that you have envisioned.

We understand that cherished garments will always have a place close to your heart. For your upcoming wedding or other occasion, breathe new life into your beloved items by refreshing them into modern attire. For more details, click here.